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Kenyon Construction Clients are Knowledgeable

Kenyon's clients are knowledgeable home and business owners who do their research, ask all the right questions, and know the caliber of company they are looking for. They are seeking the right balance of price, fine craftsmanship, solid long-lasting value, and service.


They appreciate the importance of a smooth process and know that it is dependent on careful planning, coordination, superior communication, and exceptional project management. They understand that the ability of a Contractor to deliver what they want on-time, on-budget, and as promised varies greatly. Many Contractors can't deliver this at any price.

While all Contractors today have to price for market conditions, our clients are wise enough to know that a too-low price is not a good deal but a red flag. One that will end up costing you more, be more time-consuming, and ultimately lead to disappointment.


Since price can be an important priority, our clients appreciate the way the "Kenyon Design-Build System" allows them to control the cost of their projects from the start by getting a guaranteed price and schedule before construction starts. They appreciate our use of value engineering to help them get more of what is important to them and our attention to detail to make their building energy-efficient and low-maintenance. Since Kenyon Construction Inc. building owners are working with a single company from start to finish, they enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they won't ever find themselves stuck between the Architect and the General Contractor should there be a problem. Kenyon Construction Inc. clients will watch their projects finish up on time and on budget.