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Kenyon Design-Build System

Design-Build construction has revolutionized the way that Consumers, Engineers, Designers, and Contractors work together to accomplish a common goal. Design-Build has become a popular construction strategy as it eliminates many of the common problems and set-backs associated with the traditional building process.


Design-Build is a "one-stop-shop" approach to residential and commercial building where the Contractor, Engineer, and Designer are all offered by one unified source – the Design-Build Contractor. Kenyon Construction Inc. is an award winning Design-Build Contractor that can help you maximize your building's construction and budget using a combination of cutting-edge strategies and materials. Having your project completely managed under one roof will keep your project on target, while handling all of the details from project inception to completion.


Over the past few decades Kenyon Construction Inc. has developed a system for making the construction process smoother and more enjoyable; we've developed the "Kenyon Design-Build System", a set combination of best practices and proven procedures that provide our clients with greater value as well as a greater sense of comfort and control.

The Kenyon Design-Build System consists of three Simple Steps


The first step is to talk to us. We would love to discuss your project with you. We want to find out why you want to build or remodel and what you hope to accomplish. We will share with you our process for guiding you through a successful construction project. It also makes sense to determine the feasibility of any project prior to implementation.  At this initial meeting we can draw from our many years of experience and many completed projects to help you establish a preliminary budget based on previous projects that are similar in size and nature. If you like what you hear, we'll move to the next step.


The next step is to sign the design agreement. In this phase we work together to develop a design that reflects your needs and desires while keeping a watchful eye on your budget. We also boast of the most sophisticated design software in Northeastern Michigan. We have the capabilities to do complete full color 3D renderings (interior and exterior) of your project. Our design software will allow you to get a perspective of your new building from any angle. The fees for this phase are for design only and are separate from the cost of construction. If a construction agreement is signed these costs are often absorbed into the construction project.


The final step is to sign a construction agreement. At this point in the process, you've approved the design and have been given the fixed price for your project. Once you sign the construction agreement a schedule is developed and construction can begin. During construction we will be monitoring the job every day to make sure the work is done safely, with the quality and spirit that we are well known for. Once construction is nearly complete, we will schedule a walk through with you, making a detailed list of remaining tasks. Our job is not done until every item is completed and you are satisfied with the results. By the way we welcome the Owners to visit and inspect the project on a regular basis.